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ISS Custom Software Solutions

for software development

The creation of custom software is our main goal. Each client receives the best personalized solution for their needs and requirements. We start our projects with extreme care for the client’s directives and means, so that we can provide them with software that will be easy to use, accessible, functional and suitable for their business developments. Projecting, developing and testing are key points of our software creation on the Microsoft platform, which will end in providing the client with the most suitable solution for their company.

With a custom software solution for your company, you will gain nothing but benefits in the way you manage your business. You will have a personalized system in which you can store, protect and share all your data with the interested parties in each project. Therefore, managing your daily business activities will be a lot easier and the work flow will become more efficient, more rapid and with higher results for your company.

  • WPF
  • Windows AZURE (cloud)
  • Windows Phone
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Functional testing
  • Unit testing
  • Testing Automation
  • Non Functional testing
  • Compliance Testing

for smart software solutions

Smart software solutions can only be created with the help of smart tools and that is why we rely on state-of-the-art technologies from the Microsoft platform to develop our products. Custom software for each client is the main goal and the tools that we use are perfect for creating and for testing out products that will be delivered in no time and at the highest level of quality on the market.

The software that you need for your company to become more efficient, more secure and more advanced in the field, the software that will help you gain more for your business development and for dealing with your own clients is our main goal and the guarantee of ISS product quality.

so we can deliver good results

Agile Development is the key to our strategic planning. Within a 2-week period, we can build, develop and test the software solution for your needs, so that you can grow your business on the best products. The usage of modern technologies from Microsoft combined with dedicated programs for mobile, testing, development and project methodology will bring the best results.

The benefits of Agile Development will be visible in no time! The needs of the client will be assessed by a specialized team, which will, in return, provide top quality results. We do it faster, better and with more benefits than anyone else, as we take the time to create, refine and test out the product before giving it back to the client.

Therefore, you can expect your intelligent software system to be delivered in no time, to be custom created to your needs and to be perfectly running ready for you to start doing business better than ever!