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Security Key Management Solution


Securi-Key is the answer to your business needs of security. In each company, you have multiple levels of access and of information that should be available to a specific category of employees. Especially in working with high profile clients, data protection and security are vital. Therefore, you must ensure that your company activities are protected under a set amount of keys integrated within a lifecycle.

The key lifecycle, which you can easily create with the help of Securi-Key, is the way through which you can manage your company access to various levels of information and data. Therefore, you will have a storage software system that is protected in various ways and for different groups, not just through simple users, but through applications, families, hosts, processes and so on.

Easy Access

Easy Access

Securi-Key comes with a simple and comprehensive usage demo. All you have to do is follow the set up instructions and you will be able to use your software system in no time. It is easy to use in the sense that you have a multilevel setting strategy, which will allow you to build all the necessary structures from the start.

After you have created your structures in Securi-Key, you can start benefiting from the system immediately. Each level of the structure will have a specific set of accessibility rules and the data in storage will be protected from intrusions and from parties that are not involved in the project. Additionally, you will benefit from specific settings, so that you can elaborate more on security, notifications and more.

Multi-level Security

Multi-level Security

Securi-Key is the complete solution for your company security. The encryption key management solution that works for your company must be custom made, in order to respond to all your needs and requirements. With the help of this software, you get a complete system, which is adapted to your business and personalized to the structures of your company and to your activities and data necessities.

Security is the main topic to keep in mind when it comes to Securi-Key! The system is the only software management product available on today’s market at a reasonable cost. More to this, it will allow you and your clients to define all the parameters of security in your system, so that you can ensure data protection and structural access for all involved parties in each project and for each client that comes to your company.

Secure Management System

Secure Management System

Securi-Key allows you to manage your company business more efficiently and more secure. The management solution offers you a complete software system through which you can set up authentication methods, various access levels, dashboard panels for your employees and multilevel structures for all your projects and activities.

The features of Securi-Key provide you with a complex dashboard, which is easy to manage, so that your modern data security needs are meant. Therefore, your complete system will ensure your clients that they data and their business activities are completely secure and only managed by the right team of people, insuring integrity and development for business data.


Complete Document Management System

MyOfficeDrawer is the system which ensures your business evolution. This is a customized solution, through which you can store, share and protect the data of your company. All the files and documents created will be stored in one easy to use portal. Therefore, you will benefit from easily accessible data for all employees and you will save money and time through MyOfficeDrawer.

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