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Powerfull products
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Software products are dedicated to companies looking to find better ways for their activity to run easier and better. Regardless of the domain you are in, you need a product that will sustain your activity and make you more functional and more reliable in front of your very own clients. Therefore, custom software solutions are the answer!


Complete Document Management System

MyOfficeDrawer is the best option for your business, if you are looking for a way to speed up your processes, to make them more efficient and more secure. This is the easiest means of organizing your company data, of storing it and of protecting it, so that your employees will increase their efficiency in providing amazing results for their clients in return.

The solution for storing, securing and sharing all the files and documents within your company is MyOfficeDrawer. One easy to use portal, custom created to fit your company needs and requirements, will make your activity more productive and more efficient, so that you can tend to your clients in the best ways possible.


Security Key Management Solution

Securi-Key is an integrated encryption, key management and logging solution for your company. It will help you protect and simplify your processes of data storage and protection, which is very important for your business etiquette and for compliance regulation necessities.

Data protection is extremely valuable for companies developed in our modern society and that is why you have to opt for the best software solutions to secure and store all your authentication means and to build a system through which you can provide access to different levels of information in your company. Securi-Key can do that for you!