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Complete Document Management System


MyOfficeDrawer offers you the easier way to share, store and secure company files. All you need is one simple portal through which your employees can access the stored files and documents immediately, therefore giving your clients faster, high quality services. More to this, all the files are properly stored and secured in your own custom software, so that you will not have to worry about anything. Your company workflow will be streamlined through a simple software system, which will make everyone’s job easier and more productive.

Efficiency, accessibility and productivity are the key words in the usage of MyOfficeDrawer! Your company stands to have nothing but benefits from the usage of a modern tool that brings all the data, files, documents and folders into a simple organized portal, available for all the parties involved in each project, so that business activities will become a simple, smooth operation.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

MyOfficeDrawer is available in a simple and functional portal. Therefore, it is highly accessible and very easy to use for all your employees. They can store all the data in files, documents and folders, all personalized to the specifications of the project they are working on or to the ones of the client they are working with, so that the results will be maximized.

This will ensure a faster paced project development for all your activities, as teams have multiple access to the documents they need, they can share their work, their research and their results with other interested parties and they can provide your clients with the products and services they have required in no time.

Comprehensive and Secure

Comprehensive and Secure

Your company security is one of the most important goals. As the data that you use is bound to be confidential and very important for your clients. With the help of MyOfficeDrawer, you have the software that will keep you away from all possible infiltrations, so that business activities can be carried out successfully.

Combined with multiple activity variations, according to your company needs and usages, you can insure your clients that their information is not only safe, but also rendered in the most comprehensive way, so that your team can tend to their projects without any difficulty.

Complete Management Solutions

Complete Management Solutions

MyOfficeDrawer is the software solution you have been looking for in order to manage your company activity in a more efficient and in a more productive way. It will allow you to store data and to communicate easily within the company, to maintain all the information under strict security terms, which only allow access for the interested parties, and to save time, money and resources, which you would have otherwise wasted on getting the files and folders around.

MyOfficeDrawer is a centralized management solution, a custom software solution adapted to your company activities and requirements, to allow you to become the best in your field, by giving your customers the best products and services they need!

SECURI - KEY - manage your data security

Complete encryption key management solution

Securi-Key is the best software solution for your company needs. It delivers a full lifecycle and therefore ensures the security of your data, both with authentication and storage. More to this, it is an easily monitored system, which contains costs and specialized security resources as well. With the usage of Securi-Key, you will benefit from the most secure software solution for your company and the most reliable storage of all your key lifecycle elements.

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