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Smart software development
for commercial or in house software products

Smart Software Development


We take great pride in the quality of our products and services, as we are sure to offer only state-of-the-art solutions for our clients, all developed around their needs and ideas, so that their companies can rely on advanced technologies. Top quality is guaranteed through our long lasting experience and the strong and constantly developing educational background of our team members.



Since 2005, we have been providing worldwide software solutions for top companies in the financial and banking industry. We have been working to create the best, most secure and most comprehensive systems for our clients’ needs and therefore have gathered a portfolio of perfect software solutions for dedicated businesses to develop and evolve in modern times.

Success in commercial software products require a unique focus on product architecture and design. The product should provide functionality and can be customized to respond to a wide audience and support multiple product generations. At ISS we've been involved in successfully building new commercial software products or just re-engineering existing products for US and European market, uniquely position us to respond to your most complex needs.



In the age of fast paced technological evolution, you have to adapt to the new trends in your business. Custom software solutions reflect the higher standards of the business market and help you make your company more functional and more efficient for years to come. Let us create the best personalized platform for you, so that you can enter in a new evolutionary stage in doing business in modern members.



We treat each client like a key account and we make it our personal mission to come up with the best software solution for their business. More to this, each software system that we create is personalized for the usage of the said company, therefore none of the projects we work on are alike. That is why we dedicate our time to provide a personal, custom made approach to each new project we develop.



Intelligent software solutions are highly efficient in use, as we can create a personalized option for your company. You will benefit from the usage of a state-of-the-art technology that is tailored to your field and to the needs of your company. Therefore, you will have a more competitive business approach on the modern market and the perfect tool to create a suitable space for your clients to find great products and services easier and better.