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We have been building intelligent software solutions since 2005

We provide our customers with more than technical excellence, expertise and cost reduction, we provide technical innovation and agility to their business that will positively impact the bottom line results.

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We have been building <span>intelligent software solutions since 2005</span>


We are an Agile software company using the latest technologies. Our solutions make our customers leaders in their marketplace. Our expertise and cost effective services allow our customers to concentrate on their core businesses and stay ahead of the competition.


At ISS know that financial benefits of outsourcing are lost if the quality is flawed.
The quality of our services and of the products that we create for each client is ensured through our great experience! We focus on delivering custom software according to the client’s needs and desires, so that their business will have a strong base.


Looking for talent? We've got it. With ISS you get a mature partner who deliver on your strategic objective, give you direct access to proven expertise in a cost effective and scalable model. Over 95% of our projects are commercial software on USA and European market. We have hundred of releases every year.



Our clients are very important to us. That is why we focus on providing each and every one of them with the best software solutions for their business. Our team is dedicated to building, developing and testing custom software, according to the needs of the client, until we come to the perfect result.

As we stay true to the promise of developing the best solution for you, we also stand by our high standards. We can promise the best results and compliance to set deadlines, so that you can have your software products in no time!


Complete Document Management System

MyOfficeDrawer is the system which ensures your business evolution. This is a customized solution, through which you can store, share and protect the data of your company. All the files and documents created will be stored in one easy to use portal. Therefore, you will benefit from easily accessible data for all employees and you will save money and time through MyOfficeDrawer.

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SECURI - KEY - manage your data security

Complete encryption key management solution

Securi-Key is the best software solution for your company needs. It delivers a full lifecycle and therefore ensures the security of your data, both with authentication and storage. More to this, it is an easily monitored system, which contains costs and specialized security resources as well. With the usage of Securi-Key, you will benefit from the most secure software solution for your company and the most reliable storage of all your key lifecycle elements.

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